Treatment Facility

Advanced Resource Recovery is located in Southeast Michigan, serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. ARR is the premier facility in this region, with one of the largest modern industrial waste processing capabilities in the Midwest.

Within our facility, all storage tanks are completely contained, with built-in overflow alarms and other safety measures. We also have a major wastewater treatment plant on site to handle industrial waste and leachate waters. ARR is routinely inspected by our customers performing the toughest of environmental audits as well as by the state and local officials.

We have over 50 storage tanks of various sizes allowing us to isolate waste streams if need be without commingling customers before treatment. Moreover, we have ample unloading stations to allow trucks to empty quickly… without hours of waiting, saving you time and money.

We encourage tours of our facility and have an open disclosure policy concerning our reports and documentation. You will be very pleased with our proprietary systems, state-of-the-art facility and highly skilled labor force.

Treatment Tanks



Protecting Environment,
Ensuring Michigan's
DNRE Waste Data System
(WDS) can provide
information on ownership
and operation of the site

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