At Advanced Resource Recovery, we understand – and take care of – all of the details of waste management so you can be confident your industrial waste needs are entirely met. We handle it all, from leachate water, industrial sludge’s, oil emulsions, drum processing, gasoline, diesel fuels, rag and coolants. ARR’s staff is fully aware of the rigorous demands at the federal, state and local levels. Our procedures and testing are equally as rigorous, ensuring our full compliance with these demands.

Accepted Non-Hazardous Liquid Industrial Waste

• Bilge/Ballast Water • Filtrate Water • Oilfield Wastewater
• Boiler Blowdowns Water • Floor Cleaning Water • Oily Wastewater
• Boiler Sludge Water • Gasoline • Pipeline Flush Wastewater
• Brine Water • Glycol • Process Water
• Car Wash Wastewater • Graphite Wastewater • Produce Wash Water
• Clarifier Wastewater • Grey Water • Rainwater Runoff
• Construction Wastewater • Groundwater • Scrubber Wastewater
• Cooling Tower Water • Hydrostatic Test Water • Site Decon Water
• Coolants • Hydrocarbon Water • Soapy Waters
• Cutting/Polishing Water • Hydroblast Wastewater • Swimming Pool Water
• Diesel Fuel • Injection Molding Water • Tank Bottom Water
• Equipment Decon Water • Landfill Leachate • Tank Cleaning Water
• Facility Cleaning Water • Liquid Sludges • Truck Wash Water
• Filtration Media Water • Metal Bearing Waste • Used Oils


It’s What We Do!

  • Must NOT be hazardous waste according to state or federal law Essentially:
    1. Flash point must be greater than 140F.
    2. pH must be greater than 2 and less than 12.5.
    3. Must not react to produce toxic gas. Generally, this includes cyanides greater than 250 ppm and sulfides greater than 500 ppm.
    4. Must not contain any substances in excess of the following limits.
    • Cadmium 0.2 mg/l
    • Chromium 8.9 mg/l
    • Copper 4.9 mg/l
    • Nickel 37.5 mg/l
  • Resources

    Protecting Environment,
    Ensuring Michigan's
    DNRE Waste Data System
    (WDS) can provide
    information on ownership
    and operation of the site

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