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Advanced Resource Recovery has a well-deserved reputation for “Simplified Industrial Waste Management”. We do more than just haul industrial waste. we analyze it, transport it, test it, recycle it, treat it and we document it – all in our own state-of-the-art facility.

Our standards are high, and our compliance with federal, state and local governments is stringent. We take care of the details of waste management for you, so you can be confident your industrial waste needs and environmental concerns are fully met.

Our customers began calling us ARR for short. We have turned that acronym into another phrase that embodies our operating style: Accessible, Responsible and Reliable. The level of professional service you’ll experience at ARR is without equal.

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Protecting Environment,
Ensuring Michigan's
DNRE Waste Data System
(WDS) can provide
information on ownership
and operation of the site

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